Simple Café con Hielo Recipe

The café con hielo (“coffee with ice”) is a summertime iced coffee drink from Spain. Generally a cafe con hielo consists of either a pour over coffee or a double shot of espresso served alongside a tall glass of ice. After being served, the person can add sugar to the coffee to dissolve it, and then they pour the coffee and cream (if desired) into the tall glass over ice.

The combination makes for a nice iced coffee drink for those hot summer days, without adding all the calories that so many iced coffee drinks tout. Café con hielo pronunciation: kah-fay con yel-low.

Cafe con Hielo Recipe

  • double shot espresso or pour-over coffee
  • tall glass with ice
  • splash of cream (optional)

To make a cafe con hielo at home, simply make your pour over or pull your shot of espresso, and then prepare your tall glass of ice. Add a spoonful of sugar or a squirt of simple syrup to your espresso, if desired, and then pour it over the ice. Add a splash of cream and you’re all set!

Simple Café con Hielo Recipe

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