How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Recipe)

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (aka cà phê sữa đá in southern Vietnam or cà phê nâu đá in northern Vietnam) is a perfect summertime drink that combines a rich dark roast coffee with sweetened condensed milk. The coffee used to brew any Vietnamese coffee should be a coarse dark roast, sometimes with a but of chicory … Read more

How to Make Café con Leche (Recipe)

The café con leche is the Spanish variation of the Italian caffé latte (of which there are now many more variations & flavors). “Con leche” means ‘with milk’ in Spanish, referencing the drink’s 2 to 1 ratio of milk to coffee. The coffee used for this drink is usually very strong, so as to cut … Read more

Long Macchiato

Found frequently in cafes in Italy, a Long Macchiato is a full bodied drink with espresso floated on top of hot water with a small amount of milk foam. This is a good drink for someone that enjoys a strong full bodied coffee but not with the full strength of standard espresso. A regular Macchiato does … Read more

How to Make a Dirty Chai Latte (Recipe)

The dirty chai latte is a popular coffee shop drink that combines a shot of espresso with a chai latte. There are many variations on this drink, usually involving changing up the mix of chai spices or the type of milk. But all the combinations end up giving you something between a regular latte and … Read more

How to Make an Italian Espressino (Recipe)

The espressino is a sweet Italian coffee drink made with nutella, espresso, steamed milk, and cocoa powder on the top and bottom. You read that right! The drink starts with a heavy dash of cocoa powder and a dollop of nutella, and then the espresso, frothed & steamed milk, and another delicate dash of cocoa powder. … Read more