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Automatic drip coffee makers are very common throughout America where they prefer speed and easy to use machines that are very affordable. Overall, the basics on how a drip coffee maker works is simple. You place your ground coffee into a compartment that contains a filter. You add water into a reservoir and then you flip a switch. It a very simple process that many people enjoy. But, there are some differences in drip coffee makers that will affect how good the coffee taste and how easy the machine is to use. In this article, we will pinpoint so of the features different drip coffee makers have and list the best drip coffee makers in our opinion.

Drip Coffee Maker Features

Grind and Brew

Regardless of how you brew your coffee, one of the most important factors in the taste is having fresh ground coffee. Not everyone has the time to grind their beans just before brewing and having pre-ground beans that are properly stored will be fine for most people. But, if you enjoy fresh ground coffee you should consider a drip coffee maker that can grind and brew. These machines will automatically grind the beans to the correct amount and coarseness before brewing.

Water Filter

Having good clean water in your drip coffee maker has a large effect on the teste of the coffee. The cleaner the water, the better tasting the coffee will be. If the water in your home is not very clean, consider a drip coffee maker with a water filter. If you do not have a filter on the machine, you can also use pre-filtered water. But, having the filter on the coffee maker is a nice convenience.

Thermal or Glass Carafe

Maintaining the temperature of your coffee after it is brewed is important to maintain not only to have a proper temperature to preference, but it also preserves the taste of the coffee. One option you will have when choosing a drip coffee maker is whether the carafe is thermal or glass. A thermal carafe will maintain the temperature with the insulation of the carafe. The temperature with a glass carafe will be maintained with a heat plate below the spot where the carafe is placed. The thermal carafe is more effective in maintaining the temperature. Therefore, if you drink your coffee throughout the day, you should consider a maker with a thermal carafe.

Size of the Machine and Capacity

Drip coffee makers come in a variety of sizes. Before buying any coffee machine, you always want to know where you will be putting the machine and if it fits. So, check the dimensions of the coffee maker before purchasing. Also, the carafes will vary in the number of cups it can hold. Drip Coffee Makers can hold anywhere up to 12 cups of coffee. If you have a large number of coffee drinkers in your family or if you host a large group often, consider a coffee maker with a large capacity. Note that some machines have a 1 to 4 cup setting so that the brewing process is proper for small amounts.

Pause Button

If you often like to grab a cup of coffee before the whole pot has been brewed, consider a coffee maker with a pause function. This allows you to pause the brewing process, pour yourself a cup, and then return the carafe to the maker and continue the brewing process. Since it can take as much as 10 minutes to brew a full pot, many people like this feature.


Some drip coffee makers simply have an on/off button while others allow you to program different options. One key option is to control the temperature of the coffee. If you are picky about the temperature, this is a nice feature to have. Another feature that many people enjoy is being able to setup the coffee and water ahead of time and using a timer to have the maker brew at a particular time. This is convenient, but leaving your ground coffee open, will reduce the flavor of the coffee. Other programmable functions include strength control and auto shut-off.

Cleaning Ease

In order to keep your machine producing a good tasting cup of coffee, you will want to clean it regularly. Ideally, you want to clean it once a month. Take a look at the machine to see how the parts come apart and how easy they are to clean. This not only includes the carafe, but also the filter and water compartments.


Different machines will be made of different materials that will affect the durability of the machine. While a plastic coffee maker will be inexpensive, it will also not produce a high quality coffee and last you a long time. Note the parts used and the length of the manufacturer warranty to get a good idea.

Best Drip Coffee Maker

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