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    The Best Sweeteners For Coffee (Complete Guide)

    Some people like their coffee plain and black, while others prefer it with milk and sugar⁠— both options are equally as good. But for those who like to indulge in coffee sweeteners, there are now much healthier options available in the supermarkets and online. Gone are the days of using “plain sugar,” because there are tons of alternatives up for grabs. Keep on reading to discover the 12 best sweeteners for coffee, and choose which one is the perfect fit for you, from the most commonly-used down to the more recently-released. Most Common Sweeteners for Coffee Refined White Sugar This…

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    Does Decaf Coffee Taste Different From Regular?

    Decaf or regular? We’re all heard this familiar phrase, be it at Starbucks, a diner, or our favorite corner coffee shop. In my copious research into the world of coffee, I’ve tried almost every form of out there: espresso, moka…

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    What Is a Long Black?

    If you’re just getting into coffee, or even if you’ve been enamored of it for awhile, you may have never even heard of a long black. They’re not common in North America, or even much in Europe, but if you…

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    How to Store Coffee Beans

    If you’re looking to maximize the flavor of your coffee, the best way is to use it within 10 days of roasting, making sure to grind it just prior to brewing. But then you’ll need to find a way to…

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    Coffee Recipes

    Café con Hielo

    The café con hielo (“coffee with ice”) is a summertime iced coffee drink from Spain that is either a solo or double shot of espresso served along with a tall glass of ice. After being served, the person can add…

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    Coffee Making Equipment

    Best Coffee Bean Roaster

    Roasting your own coffee not only allows you to save money, but it also gives you the very freshest coffee you can possibly get while giving you complete control over the roast profile, quality of the beans, and mix of…

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    How to Froth and Steam Milk

    If you are looking to make a drink such as a latte or a cappuccino, you will need to know how to steam and/or froth milk. Doing this is not simple at first. But, once you get down some key…

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    Coffee Making Equipment

    Cups and Mugs

    If you enjoy different coffee drinks and you want to make a great presentation of your creations to family and friends, having the right glass, cup, or mug will make a big difference. Not all drinks will use the same…

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    Coffee Recipes

    Iced coffee

    Iced coffee is not just ice in coffee. It can be a delicious creamy drink that is a perfect summertime afternoon pick-me-up. Many people think that making iced coffee is simply brewing some coffee and then pouring it over ice…

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    Coffee Recipes

    Café Crema

    Café Crema is similar to a long espresso drink except it has twice the amount of water and resembles an American Black Coffee. This drink is primarily served in southern Switzerland and Austria and northern Italy. The grind of the beans will be…