What is a Spanish Latte? (How to Make)

The Spanish Latte is a third wave of coffee movement innovation derived from the Spanish café con leche. A combination of espresso with milk, there are two kinds of milk involved – regular milk and condensed milk. This specialty latte may be served hot or cold. Origins of the Spanish Latte A typical Spanish latte … Read more

What is Proffee & How to Make It

Tiktok has been the birthplace of many fitness fads, and home to an ever-evolving wellness lifestyle. The growing health craze, proffee – coffee infused with protein powder- has taken over social media, much like the up-and-coming olive oil latte. Celebrities, athletes, and regular users all embraced it fast, and cited advantages such as an energy … Read more

What is a Peanut Butter Latte? (How to Make)

Espresso, milk, and peanut butter come together to make the delectable and highly addictive beverage known as the peanut butter latte. This classic beverage is bursting with decadent peanut butter, blending beautifully with perfectly strong black coffee.  It’s smooth, delicious, gently salty, and not too sweet. This specialty latte is perfect for a hectic morning … Read more

Espresso Beans vs. Coffee Beans: What’s the Difference?

There is a sense of satisfaction in brewing a good cup of coffee at home. The secret to achieving this is buying the right kind of beans. While browsing the coffee aisle, or your local roaster, a whole host of choices are presented. These can be perplexing with coffee terminologies such as “single-origin”, “espresso beans”, … Read more

Chemex vs. AeroPress: Upgrade or Downgrade?

Chemex and Aeropress are both good coffee brewers, but which one is better for your palate? Chemex is an hour glass-shaped pour over manual coffee brewer. The brewing process for this tool is pretty straightforward; it only involves a paper filter, hot water, and coffee. The water is poured over the coffee in a spiral … Read more

How to Pick The Best Coffee Beans For a Pour Over

Not all professional baristas, much less homebrewers, feel confident in choosing coffee beans for pour over coffee systems. We’re so dependent on using machines for making coffee that sometimes we forget how simple it is to make the perfect cuppa just using the pour-over method. This technique is very straightforward— all you need is a … Read more

Does Decaf Coffee Taste Different From Regular?

Decaf or regular? We’re all heard this familiar phrase, be it at Starbucks, a diner, or our favorite corner coffee shop. In my copious research into the world of coffee, I’ve tried almost every form of out there: espresso, moka pot, pour-over, keurig, etc. Often I’ll choose to order decaf if I’m drinking after 5pm … Read more