Chemex vs. AeroPress: Upgrade or Downgrade?

Chemex and Aeropress are both good coffee brewers, but which one is better for your palate? Chemex is an hour glass-shaped pour over manual coffee brewer. The brewing process for this tool is pretty straightforward; it only involves a paper filter, hot water, and coffee. The water is poured over the coffee in a spiral … Read more

How to Pick The Best Coffee Beans For a Pour Over

Not all professional baristas, much less homebrewers, feel confident in choosing coffee beans for pour over coffee systems. We’re so dependent on using machines for making coffee that sometimes we forget how simple it is to make the perfect cuppa just using the pour-over method. This technique is very straightforward— all you need is a … Read more

Does Decaf Coffee Taste Different From Regular?

Decaf or regular? We’re all heard this familiar phrase, be it at Starbucks, a diner, or our favorite corner coffee shop. In my copious research into the world of coffee, I’ve tried almost every form of out there: espresso, moka pot, pour-over, keurig, etc. Often I’ll choose to order decaf if I’m drinking after 5pm … Read more

What Is a Long Black?

If you’re just getting into coffee, or even if you’ve been enamored of it for awhile, you may have never even heard of a long black. They’re not common in North America, or even much in Europe, but if you head south of the equator to Australia and New Zealand, you’d be hard-pressed to find … Read more

Coffee Histamine Levels (+ Low Histamine Coffee Options)

Histamine is a biogenic amine found in abundance in our bodies, as well as a number of foods, most notably fermented foods like red wine and green tea. It’s inflammatory, released by the immune system’s mast cells in response to a perceived allergen but it’s not very abundance in coffee beans. So can I drink … Read more

How to Store Coffee Beans

If you’re looking to maximize the flavor of your coffee, the best way is to use it within 10 days of roasting, making sure to grind it just prior to brewing. But then you’ll need to find a way to store unused coffee beans (or ground coffee) while you’re using them up, and that’s where … Read more

Simple Café con Hielo Recipe

The café con hielo (“coffee with ice”) is a summertime iced coffee drink from Spain. Generally a cafe con hielo consists of either a pour over coffee or a double shot of espresso served alongside a tall glass of ice. After being served, the person can add sugar to the coffee to dissolve it, and … Read more