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    Coffee Recipes

    Iced coffee

    Iced coffee is not just ice in coffee. It can be a delicious creamy drink that is a perfect summertime afternoon pick-me-up. Many people think that making iced coffee is simply brewing some coffee and then pouring it over ice…

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    Coffee Recipes


    A cappuccino (or cap) is a traditional Italian drink made of espresso, steamed milk, and foam milk. It is very popular and has become very common in cafes. The cappuccino is very similar to a Caffé Latte except a cappuccino has…

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    Coffee Recipes

    Café Crema

    Café Crema is similar to a long espresso drink except it has twice the amount of water and resembles an American Black Coffee. This drink is primarily served in southern Switzerland and Austria and northern Italy. The grind of the beans will be…

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    Coffee Recipes


    A ristretto is a concentrated espresso shot where there is less water in the coffee than an espresso. This is done by grinding the coffee finer than an espresso. By having the coffee ground finer, less water will be able…

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    Coffee Recipes

    Mexican Coffee

    If you can’t decide between desert, a coffee, or a drink after a meal, a Mexican Coffee is the perfect combination of all three. This drink combines tequila, Kahlua, coffee, and ice cream into one cup of deliciousness.

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    A Melya is a coffee drink that combines cocoa powder and honey to produce a simple to make a rich fruity coffee drink. The mixture of cocoa powder and honey transforms the espresso into a whole new experience.

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    Coffee Recipes

    Kopi Tubruk

    A Kopi Tubruk is an Indonesian-style coffee that is a strong and thick coffee similar to a Turkish or Greek coffee. It is made by boiling coarse coffee grounds and water together along with sugar. The Kopi Tubruk is common…

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    Coffee Recipes

    Breve Coffee

    If you like a cappuccino but would like it to be creamier, try a Breve Coffee. This Italian espresso drink is similar to a cappuccino except that it uses half-and-half instead of milk making it thicker and richer and a cappuccino.…

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    How to Brew the Best French Press Coffee

    The French Press is a very popular method of making coffee since it is a very simple, fast, and inexpensive method to make coffee. If you do not own a French Press, see our buying guide for French press coffee makers for…

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    Espresso is not only a drink on its own, but it is also a base for numerous popular coffee drinks such as cappuccino. Espresso is a strong and highly-concentrated coffee that can be made either with an espresso machine or…