Long Espresso / Lungo / Allongé

A Long Espresso is a variation on an espresso shot. The shot is extracted longer than normal which creates an espresso that is less intense then a normal espresso. A Long Espresso is called a “lungo” in Italian and it is called an “Allongé” in French. Both words mean “long” in their respective languages. A … Read more

Café Bombon


Made popular in Valencia, Spain, a Cafe Bombon is a very simple to make coffee drink that has a great appearance and velvety taste. The drink simply consists of espresso and sweetened condensed milk at a 1 to 1 ratio. Since the drink has a wonderful look to it, it is typically done in a clear … Read more

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is a thick and strong unfiltered coffee that is traditionally brewed in an ibrik (a small coffee pot) or cezve (a long-handled, open, brass or copper pot). But, a small pot will work fine. Since this is unfiltered, the coffee needs to have a very fine grind. The coffee is combined with sugar … Read more

Oliang (Thai Iced Coffee)

Popular in Thailand, an Oliang Powder is a blend of coffee and ingredients such as corn, soy beans, and sesame seeds. It is traditionally brewed by using a “tung tom kah fe”. This is a metal ring with a handle and a cloth bag attached. The coffee is put into the cloth bag and hot … Read more


A Cortado is a coffee drink that combines espresso and steamed milk. It is popular in Spain and Portugal, as well as throughout Latin America and Cuba, as an afternoon drink. It is similar to a café macchiato except that the Cortado has an equal espresso to steamed milk ratio and the macchiato has foam milk … Read more

Espresso Americano

An Americano (aka Café Americano) consists of a single or double-shot of espresso combined with hot water in a two-demitasse cup. The strength of an Americano varies with the number of shots of espresso and water added and can be adjusted based on the persons taste. The drink is believed to have been created in … Read more

How to Make a Cuban Espresso at Home

A cuban espresso (also known as Cuban Coffee) is a traditional Cuban espresso drink, which is sweetened with brown sugar while the coffee is brewed. It is a prominent drink in Cuban cafes and also at various social events among Cubans. If prepared properly, it creates an attractive looking drink with a light brown foam … Read more


In Italian, the word “Macchiato” means to mark. The coffee drink corresponds by being an espresso with a small amount of foam milk to “mark” the espresso. It is very close to a regular espresso with just a touch of milk to give a slight cut to the coffee. It is similar to a cappuccino but with … Read more

How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Recipe)

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (aka cà phê sữa đá in southern Vietnam or cà phê nâu đá in northern Vietnam) is a perfect summertime drink that combines a rich dark roast coffee with sweetened condensed milk. The coffee used to brew any Vietnamese coffee should be a coarse dark roast, sometimes with a but of chicory … Read more

How to Make Café con Leche (Recipe)

The café con leche is the Spanish variation of the Italian caffé latte (of which there are now many more variations & flavors). “Con leche” means ‘with milk’ in Spanish, referencing the drink’s 2 to 1 ratio of milk to coffee. The coffee used for this drink is usually very strong, so as to cut … Read more