Coffee Recipes

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    Coffee Recipes

    Kopi Tubruk

    A Kopi Tubruk is an Indonesian-style coffee that is a strong and thick coffee similar to a Turkish or Greek coffee. It is made by boiling coarse coffee grounds and water together along with sugar. The Kopi Tubruk is common…

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    Coffee Recipes

    Breve Coffee

    If you like a cappuccino but would like it to be creamier, try a Breve Coffee. This Italian espresso drink is similar to a cappuccino except that it uses half-and-half instead of milk making it thicker and richer and a cappuccino.…

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    Espresso is not only a drink on its own, but it is also a base for numerous popular coffee drinks such as cappuccino. Espresso is a strong and highly-concentrated coffee that can be made either with an espresso machine or…

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    A Galão is a rich, milky Portuguese coffee drink made of espresso and foamed milk. It is similar to a caffé latte or a cafe au lait but with more milk. It typically comes in a tall glass with about one quarter coffee and three quarters foamed milk.…

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    Espresso con Panna

    An Espresso con Panna is similar to a macchiato except the milk froth is substituted with whipped cream. “Espresso con Panna” is defined as “espresso with cream”.

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    Coffee Recipes

    Frappe Coffee

    A popular summertime drink in Europe and Latin America is a Frappe coffee. Resembling a milkshake, it is served in a tall glass and combines strong coffee, sugar, syrup, coffee liqueur, and ice.

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    Coffee Recipes

    Cafe Maya

    Found in various restaurants in Mexico, the making of this after-dinner drink is dramatic. With flaming liquor, you can impress your friends and family with this delicious mix of coffee, ice cream, brandy, and anise-flavored xtabentum liqueur.

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    Coffee Recipes

    Piccolo latte

    A Piccolo Latte is a ristretto topped with warm, silky milk served in a small glass. It is sometimes referred to as a “baby latte”. This drink originated in Australia. The combination gives the drinker a quick shot of caffeine with a…

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    If you love cream, a Vienna Coffee is a great choice. This popular creamy coffee drink made of 2 shots of espresso and whipped cream.

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    Originating in Turin, Italy, Bicerin is a sweet and creamy coffee drink that combines espresso, drinking chocolate, and whipped milk. The word “bicerin” means “little glass” in Italian. Thus, this drink is served in a small glass that combines small…